How to style kimono or cover ups for spring outfit?

The cold winter is gone,with Daylight Savings comes the very beginning of Spring! We are dreaming of sunshine, warm touch, good vibes.Spring is a time of renewal, and whether you're freshening up your home or cleaning out your closet, this is a perfect opportunity to start fresh. People cannot wait to lighten the outfit once the winter go, let’s think about what we should prepare for the spring, a tee? Jeans? Yes, we have to say they are classic piece for the casual look, however everyone looks the same in the similar wearing. How to dress up to make u outstanding, maybe just a piece of kimono or cover up.

Casual look

A light color kimono can brighten any casual occasion when styled with a simple white tee and jeans.It gives you a natural and casual look, and definitely brighten your style whether u spend your time outside or go on a road trip on the refreshing day!

Sporty look

Throw a cover up on your sporty outfit, the best choice to create your sporty style. No longer just a monotonous sweatshirt, sweatpants, who would have thought that kimono or cover ups can be so sporty? It must be the most fashionable sporty look in 2021.

 Moss Rose Merel Print Kimono

Formal look

Need to go to some more formal occasions? Don't worry, the cover ups can become a finishing touch for your all black look. Dark and monotonous will no longer be your issue, be classic,be gorgeous or be creative, just pick the one that help u  become the way u want to be. 

Whether you try one of our suggestions or find one of your own, let's make this spring season about us! Love u, all our friends!




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