Beach Vacation Necessary

While we might sing the praises of wild destinations and final frontiers made for intrepid adventurers, we're also partial to the occasional indulgent beach holiday where you can spend your days worshipping that holy trinity of sun, sea and sand. Feel the sea breeze blowing on your face. Feel the salt tickling your nose as you hear the sound of seagulls flocking in the distance…

The problem is, what we should prepare for the beach travel? Swimsuit, of course, however, it’s much more than that.

Kimonos & Cover ups

There’s no doubt that sheer kimonos or cover ups should be the hottest piece on the beach, throw it on and transport from pool side to the beach side. From prints to tie dye, from lace to crochet, cover ups are on the trend all the time. Still do not have a kimono or cover up? Come and pick one!


Picnic blanket

Most people may miss picnic blanket while to the beach, people will take it to the picnic on the grass, however, it also can be used on the beach travel.


Beach Towel

A cute beach towel could be a fashion piece to brighten your beach wear, and it’s useful as well. No matter laying on the beach or after drying after a splashy swim, the beach towel always helps!


Beach bag

A cute bag is always necessary on beach, the straw bags could be super match to your vacation tropical style. It makes u look cooler under the baking sunshine with straw products, and u can take on everything u want in the bag while walking alone the beach, it’s convenient.


Yup, vacations are awesome. But they can also be purposeful and good for the soul. We earn our days off and work hard all year long so travel should be a sacred experience. A beach vacation in particular has its own healing powers, take on the beach collections to renew your perspectives!


We're so excited to have you!



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